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Since the costume was completed we went to see the rehearsal and also serves as a fitting.

Story that became the master of the "NOTES FROM THE UNDERWORLD"

Persephone is, (is a mountain, where is given to whether the theories some) Nyusa was picking flowers to test the fairies in the field of. Then is the strikingly beautiful flowers bloomed there. moment when Persephone was away from the Nymphs trying Tsumo the flowers, suddenly ground salmon, Hades that is riding a black horse appeared she would have been taken away in the netherworld.
In Olympus, Persephone mother Demeter that suspicious I thought that has become not know whereabouts, from the sun god Helios, Zeus and Hades know that was took away into the netherworld of Persephone. Goddess is going to protest to the Zeus of the original, Zeus is not Toriawa, was stated that "if Hades is the king of the netherworld not unbalance as a husband." Listen to this, the looting of the daughter Demeter is furious that Zeus et al admits, stop bring fruitful earth left the Olympus, to hide the figure on the ground. On the other hand, it is also treated Persephone to respectfully that was taken away to Hades, because it does not mean you have come to the dark netherworld and proceeds from their own, it was not to shake one's head in the machine even for approach of Hades.

Then Zeus sent Hermes, reportedly to release the Persephone to Hades, it was released the Persephone in the form of Hades also respond to this. At that time, Hades is hold out the fruit of pomegranate. But was a Persephone who had continued to refuse to it, and that it had been treated respectfully from Hades, is could withstand above all hungry, the 4 tablets (or 6 tablets) of the 12 grain that was in the fruit of the pomegranate I ate.

And it is was a Persephone who returned to Demeter of the original is a mother, to tell the mother that you ate the pomegranate of netherworld. Those who ate the food of the underworld, because there was a convention of the gods that belong to the underworld, Persephone must belong to the underworld. Demeter is pomegranate is also opposed to living in forced to eat let obtained and is claimed Persephone is again netherworld, Demeter was not able to overturn the agreement of the gods. And, only the number of pomegranate you've eaten results in living in the netherworld, it becomes able to spend one-third of the year (or 1/2) in the netherworld, she went married to Hades of the original as Queen Persephone of netherworld than is was. And Demeter, the only time that my daughter is present in the underworld began to stop and in providing a fruitful on the ground. This is that's the beginning of the season of winter (or summer).

In addition, the time when Persephone returns to the ground, joy of goddess Demeter of fertility is a mother is a full filled on the ground. This is the season of spring.

The above is the myth of the master.


Namiko GAHIER 's

Dance to express the inner surface of the Persephone is, creating a powerful magical space a bewitching.

It is A nimated paintings Kamata madness that is displayed on the back. (see below)



Animated paintings がまたカオスの世界へ Gala MARTINOIA 's Animated paintings Kamata to the chaos of the world

This video is not of this time but, Gala MARTINOIA's Animated paintings I will carefully introduced to the next opportunity.

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